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Actually figured out a way via CSS. Just type the following code into your Custom CSS field: @media (max-width:1210 px){ .sp-megamenu-parent > li > a { display:none; } #offcanvas-toggler { display: block!important; } } Note that: This makes your megamenu parent disappear, and your offcanvas toggler appear at a screen size of 1210px ...


I'm not sure why but your website has some duplicated CSS IDs e.g.: id="sppb-addon-1.51206879815E+12" id="section-id-1.51927852025E+12" CSS ID selectors should be unique. Also, CSS selectors should only have hyphens, underscores, letters and numbers. You may need to update the CSS IDs in the page builder and make the corresponding changes in the custom ...


This is a bug with Helix III framework, Helix author is working on this problem to fix it. Please go to “templates” folder, open your Helix template, find and rename the folder “webfont” to “_webfont”, or just delete it. You can see full guides with images via link.

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