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Clone the livesite with Akeeba, install it locally, then adjust as required. When you're finished SSH / FTP your changed files back to the live site. There are a whole host of good reasons why it's imprudent to “tweak” on a live site…


You've a few options here, depending on whether your focus is ease of use, automation or cost: Do exactly what you did before with your local install, but once installed, change the local Joomla installation to use your live, remote MySQL database in configuration.php, if your host supports remote access. Be careful though - any DB changes will roll over ...


Let's say you want "Roboto" and "Open Sans" to be available for your authors in JCE font-family drop down. First : Find your fonts in google fonts and add to your editor CSS stylesheet the @import you get from them. For this example, it looks like this : @import url(|Open+Sans); Second : To remove/add fonts in ...


If it's just CSS changes you are making you may as well continue previewing them in Chrome Development Tools and using an online development environment such as Cloud9 or ShiftEdit you can connect directly to your server via FTP and make tweaks to the live site using a proper IDE similar to how you did when it was hosted locally. I wouldn't however ...


Method 1 One method I've used is to add my own css file into the template index.php file. This can be wrapped to only add it if you are the user. A way of extending this is to write a simple plugin that adds a css file if you are the user. I've used this to make changes to the default admin template, to avoid making changes directly in the template that ...


The solution is a bit tricky but it should work. Open this file [root]/media/editors/tinymce/tinymce.min.js (yes, it's minified), try to find this part function(){var n="Andale Mono=andale mono,times; change it to function(){var n="Your New font=your new font,sans-serif;Andale Mono=andale mono,times; then open file [root]/templates/...


This is a bug with Helix III framework, Helix author is working on this problem to fix it. Please go to “templates” folder, open your Helix template, find and rename the folder “webfont” to “_webfont”, or just delete it. You can see full guides with images via link.


In your templates CSS file (mostly custom.css) import the google font you want to use like @import url(''); More information can be found here


You are looking for a style change in the site. You can just edit your template style and change the general font size, or define a specify CSS statement for K2. Check in the template manager, what options you template features support, or manully customize the stylesheet. Most templates provide a way to override or add new styles.

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