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For questions related to custom component development

What is a Joomla component

Components are one type of Joomla extensions - the most important ones, as Joomla's main functionality runs around them. They are mini-applications inside Joomla, responsible mainly for the content of the site, but they can be used to provide other more sophisticated or complex functionality as well.

Joomla comes with a number of components like the com_content (the Joomla articles manage), or com_contact (the contact manager).

Components Documentation

There are thousands of 3rd party components available that can be installed, covering all kind of desired features and functionality.

However, you may find yourself in the need of special features that you can't find in any other component. Or you might be a developer that would like to provide your own application solutions to the Joomla community.

In such cases, you will find yourself being involved in custom-component development.

Use this tag to describe questions you might have or issues you encounter while developing your own component.