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Assuming you have a database table setup for this, you can use the following code to perform you check: // This function is taken from my own extension public function getIpAddress() { $server = $this->app->input->server; $clientIp = $server->get('HTTP_CLIENT_IP'); $httpFwd = $server->get('HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR'); if (!...


The ‘Domain’ Attribute • With domain set, cookies will be sent to that domain and all its subdomains • The risk with subdomains is lower than when scoped to parent domain, but still relevant • Remove domain attribute to limit cookie to origin host only – Important note: IE will always send to subdomains regardless


I went down this rabbit hole several years ago as a self-educating endeavor. You can go to the extent of leveraging a blend of server-side and client-side to sniff/frisk/detect a device. The truth is that all data that you might wish to process: can be spoofed/circumvented can naturally fluctuate/vary enough to trip up your algorithm can be missing ...


Just to clear a few things: I don't think there is anything that can tell this, not only in Joomla but in anything in the web. Under certain conditions you may be able to tell if a certain browser was at your site recently, e.g. like what G. Analytics does when counting new vs old visitors, which is a cookie based solution. But there is no real accuracy on ...

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