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Questions tagged [zoo-cck]

ZOO is a flexible and powerful Content Construction Kit (CCK) to manage your content.

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Change ZOO cache update frequency

Is there a way to modify the interval that the zoo cache updates thumbnails? OR disable it entirely? I have been sorting through the code and haven't found anyway yet. The problem I am running into ...
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How can I see a user's articles in his joomla user profile?

I hope the community can help me. In this project, I would like to use Joomla's user profile view system and display the latest user posts. I thought maybe it would be doable to create a layout in ...
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Tabs in the elements of Zoo Joomla Component

We want to use Tabs in the elements of Joomla Zoo Component. We want to evaluate tabs in the Edit and Submission and Full and Teaser Views of the Zoo Component. We are using JU Tabs Tabs Extension for ...
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How to add Zoo Category in Smart Search page result?

When i use smart search and type a Zoo Category name, the smart search auto complete suggest this category. But in results page the category link was not there, only articles was inside in this ...
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