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Loading a JS file with web asset manager for Bootstrap modal

I'm loading a Bootstrap modal file in HtmlView.php and then a js file to manage it with the following schema: joomla.asset.json ... "assets": [ { "name": "almacen....
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Can't use WebAsset useStyle in index.php in Joomla! 5

I am working on a Joomla! 5 compatible theme and want to use the WebAssetManager function in combination with joomla.asset.json to register and include theme assets. I am bumping into an issue where ...
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How to use component's joomla.asset.json file in module?

I have a module in which I would like to add a stylesheet and a script. I am creating a lot of modules for this project, and I would like to use a centralized json file for my scripts and styles, ...
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