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Bootstrap 3 Carousel not starting automatically

I am having trouble getting my bootstrap 3 carousel to work. On the site it will automatically advance if you first click to advance a slide. I have disabled the pause on hover. I tested it on Code ...
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What am I missing to make my menu a bootstrap navbar?

My idea was to get the example nav bar from bootstrap website and then exchange the content of the navbar with the joomla code to get the menu. The final product is: <!-- Begin Navbar--> <...
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How can I center my header image?

I think this is immaterial, but just for the record: I'm building a Joomla 3.4.3 website with my own Bootstrap 3 template. The header image banner.svg on my website should be in the center. So what ...
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Detect position of loading Javascript libraries in Joomla frontend?

Is there a way to detect position of loading javascript libraries in Joomla(my goal is 'framework.bootstrap'). because I currently follow this post but after using "unset" method from [JDataset][2] ...
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Layout Problems with Bootstrap

I am using Bootstrap 3.3.4, this page renders fine in a desktop browser:
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Edit Module Bootstrap size to match bootstrap 3 [closed]

Is it possible to customize / add new options to the back office module advanced tab? We already have "bootstrap size" option, but since now I'm using Bootstrap 3 I want to use 2 more extra fields ...
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Module classes using bootstrap 3

I am building a Joomla 3 template that uses Bootstrap 3. When publishing a Custom HTML Module I realized that using the “Bootstrap Size” of 3 will render <div class="moduletable span3"> This ...
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Bootstrap 3 for component views with Joomla 3.x

I understand the Joomla 3.x version is shipped with Bootstrap 2.x and many of the core components like contacts, login etc... are using the Bootstrap 2.x framework. Even some of the templates like ...
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Added module with Twitter-Bootstap 3 and now my menu disappeared. [closed]

I just made a 'custom html' module in my J3 website. I made a custom Mail Chimp subscription form using Twitter Bootstrap 3 (linked in module). below is the exact code from my module: <!-- ...
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How to create a collapsible menu with Joomla! 3.3 and Bootstrap 3?

I've tried create a collapsible menu with Joomla! 3.3 and Bootstrap 3 and I got partially. However, when the collapsible version is active and I click on the button to expand, it just open, but don't ...
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Which Bootstrap version should be used v2.3 or v3 in new extensions

As an extension developer, I am still confused which Bootstrap version to be used in my upcoming extension. In many discussion I found that Joomla 3.x will not utilize bootstrap-3.0. Most of ...
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How to update everything to Twitter Bootstrap 3?

I made a template which used Twitter Bootstrap 3, and the front end worked ok, until I had the edit views in the front end, which depend greatly in Twitter Bootstrap 2 due to the way Joomla has been ...
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