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Customizing Protostar - Empty space in Joomla Protostar Template

OK, so I am brand new to Joomla, figuring it out as I go along. I mean, that is what Joomla is for, being able to do it yourself. So I have been sitting for two days at an end, trying to get that ...
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How can I hide the "popular topics" in Protostar template?

How can I hide the "popular topics", "recent articles" and "user access login" in default Protostar template? I need to edit the related index.php file of the template?
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Fatal error: Call to a member function get() on Templates Manager

I was asked to work on a recently upgraded Joomla 3.4.1 site from earlier versions of Joomla. I had to copy the main template and create a new one. But when I went in the template manager -> ...
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Why installed template is not on the installed template list?

My Joomla version is 3.4.1 I'm working with a template named TZ Simple Love. I've installed this template, it was correctly showing in the Template Manager list. One of my site admin accidentally ...
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What I do for Glyphicons appear in Joomla! 3.3

I'm a Joomla beginner, and I'm creating a personal website using Bootstrap 3 and Joomla! 3.3. I saw something about Glyphicons not work with the custom B3. [I used the Customizer] My template has the ...
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Where is the copy template button in Template manager in J3.3.1 after update?

I am in the backend of a Joomla 3.3.1 site and I can't see the "Copy Template" button. Is it removed from the latest Joomla or what? Updating the question... I can't see the "Copy Template" button in ...
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