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Pop up AcyMailing subscription form

I am trying to build a Joomla website with an AcyMailing subscription form. I'd like the form to be a pop-up window. I have researched thoroughly and I have achieved most of what I want. Now I have a ...
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Best practices sending mail

In order to develope my own subscription module, what is the best practice sending mail to a list of users: send only one mail with multiple bcc recipients or send one mail per recipient? In case of ...
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Custom Payment Gateway integration in joomla registration form

I have installed Joomla 3.5. There are a default joomla registration form, image as follows: So I want to integrate Pay-u-money payment gateway and users should enter card details in the same ...
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How to show only a part of my page until someone makes a purchase

Sorry for the confusing title. This is a little difficult to explain. I would like to know how to show only 1/3 of my page until someone makes a purchase and then they can see the full page. Similar ...
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Some info about ACL in Joomla

I've got a couple of questions about how ACL works in Joomla. First of all, I would like to restrict access in certain categories only to users that are registered (some times paying a subscription). ...
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Any plugin to send notifications to users when an article is published?

I need a plugin for Joomla 3 to send an email to some users when a new article is published or a new document is added to Docman. I've been looking at the Joomla Extensions Directory, but I haven't ...
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Are Download IDs, API and Subscription Keys free to distribute with GPL extensions?

I purchase and use several extensions on an annual subscription basis (and whenever the Extension provider has an unlimited use option - I usually go for that). Many extension providers have a ...
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