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Override blog layout to display articles under subcategory headings

What I'm trying to do is create a category blog layout that will display the title of a category, followed by subcategories with the articles of those subcategories (full article, not just it's title) ...
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Filtering Subcategories by Tag

Hoping someone can provide some insight on this one; I've been stuck on this last piece of the puzzle for a while and have yet to figure it out in Joomla 3.9. Apologies for the long explanation. I ...
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Is there any way to put subcategories in a Joomla menu?

I've been trying to change the way my website works. Currently, I have a menu that displays categories, but now I want to also display subcategories in it. I know that I can display articles of that ...
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How to get main parent category id from category/subcategory

I am getting one category id in code but it can be the id of either category or subcategory. And by the following code i am able to fetch the parent category chain. $Jcategories = JCategories::...
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How to list a Category Blog and sub-categories with Articles still in Category Blog layout?

Using Joomla 3.8.5. Using the Menu Category Blog I've been able to list the Category title as a heading, and the Articles in blog layout style with two columns for the Articles using a Read More when ...
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Category Manager: How to show a list of a category AND ONLY its subcategory?

I have hundreds of categories on one Joomla site. Using the Joomla administrator category manager, I'd like to find a way to list a category AND ONLY its children subcategories. To be clear, I'd ...
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