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Questions tagged [styling]

Styling is the process of binding visual metadata to a document.

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Removing the border around the content in Protostar

The Protostar template has a border around all the content and modules, except for the footer module. How do I get rid of this border?
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2 answers

Add font awesome to menu item

It's pretty easy - and not. Simply add fa fa-home to menu item > Link Type > Link Class, and you got your icon in front of your item. What is a problem is that the font following refers to Font ...
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2 answers

How do I customize the look of the "new article" page?

Totally new to Joomla. I find the "new article" page in the administrator dashboard is very ugly, and I don't like writing prose in an ugly environment. What's the correct way to customize the look of ...
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How do I override mod_menu and add classes to child li-elements?

For a website, I use the stylesheet theme.css in my default template where the menu style is defined in classes like .dropdown-menu and so on. My question is now: How do I apply those classes to my ...
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1 answer

Min and max height on image

I am very new to Joomla. I normally just do all my styles with CSS, but Joomla is a little more frustrating. How do I set a min and max height on an image? Also is there a way to adjust the margin ...
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3 answers

Css file erases new editing

When I add new styles to the template.css, Joomla doesn't save them for a long time it keeps resetting the code. although the html code keeps the new lines that I add. Why is this happening!!
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Main content being displayed over sidebar

In Joomla 3, template Yootheme - Eat, the content of tables is being displayed over the sidebar on the right. For example: This Page How can I fix this? Thanks for helping!
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Add a custom button to plugin

I need to add a custom button to the toolbar inside of a system plugin, near 'save', 'save & close' and 'close' buttons. How can I achieve it?
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Unexpected styling and tag rendering in articles

I've been using Joomla for a long time and the past 2 weeks i have had 2 articles act like they're haunted. The first article won't recognize p or /p tags. It inserts them as text into the article ...
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How to load JPATH_BASE in my module?

I'm creating a new menu module, but I keep running into the same problem. I'm trying to make my stylesheet variable, by taking params that people can fill in in the admin panel, and putting them in ...
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How can I make a modal menu item?

I would like to make a Menu item for a contact form. I would like to either make a modal calling whatever contains the form (component/module/article) or opening it as a submenu, like in yootheme ...
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