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Styling is the process of binding visual metadata to a document. Questions relating to css should use the css tag instead of this tag. Likewise, more specific style language/technique tags should be used instead of this general tag.

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How to style a Fabrik (Joomla) form?

I'm new in the joomla world and I don't know very well how to style a form created with fabrik, I don't know where to add the styles or anything. If you can guide me it would be of great help. Thanks ...
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Best Practice: Loading component Styles & Scripts in J4

What is the best practice for loading styles and scripts? Option 1: HTMLHelper::stylesheet(Uri::base().'media/com_mycomponent/css/mycomponent.css'); Option 2: $wa = Factory::getApplication()->...
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Accented letters are printed in bold type

For some reason accented letters are printed in bold type. An image is worth in thousand words: The page is available at: I've been trying for ...
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Beez3 top menu highlight size

I'm currently struggling with the top nav menu in Joomla's Beez3 template. I would like the highlighted menu item not to fill the whole space but just let's say 5px rounded around the text. The rest ...
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How to create two different template overrides for the start page and featured articles?

I'm new to Joomla and currently creating a template for my website. Unfortunately I'm facing a problem which I did not found out how to solve. I wanted a front page which is different from the rest ...
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Use yootheme layouts on an already running joomla site

I'm using yootheme's solar on my website and I want to change it for the stage theme, I want to make my site to look just like this: but it's impossible since ...
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Joomla! - Give Blog Categories Classes

First off, I'm a PHP noob :/ just to get that out of the way My goal is to give each Joomla! category a class, so I can pre-style layouts for my client, and when they choose a Category, they would ...
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