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Modifying email address through PHP

I'm using Regular Lab's sourcerer to embed code in an article to modify users' email addresses once a questionnaire has been completed (anonymization). I used this code to no avail: $user = JFactory::...
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Using Ajax in Joomla articles to immediately work with input values in PHP

I'm trying to create a simple calendar utilizing my knowledge in PHP and MySQL, but I want to have it as instant as possible. I'm using an article and the plugin sourcerer. At first I created a simple ...
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How to show dynamic article to non-registered users?

I have a dynamic article in Joomla. The article information is extracted from fabrik when the user is logged in. But when the user is not logged.. I can not see the information. The idea is to create ...
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using the sourcerer plugin the code written in php disappears

I try to hide a menu item programmatically, I found this publication that explains the process as follows Create custom html module Install and enable the Sourcerer plugin In the module editor use a ...
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Failed deleting sourcerer_php - Joomla 3.x

I randomly get a warning notice on the front end of my Joomla! website and I really can't understand why. Failed deleting sourcerer_php_d72bnbv27u4bfkdpa01347flf8gfkl I checked my tmp folder on ...
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