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How to integrate Nicepage site on Joomla

I am kinda new to this whole website thing. Definatly dont have much experiance in coding ect, but I have created a whole website with a nicepage paid subscription. I downloaded Joomla and XAMPP. I ...
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Some SimpleCRM menu items fail with error: Call to a member function getModel() on null

Immediately after upgrading my Joomla version from 3.9.1 to 3.9.4, I can no longer access certain Simple CRM submenus in the backend. The Company Codes link works properly. (http://localhost/jdem02/...
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How to execute an ajax script to update form fields in an .xml file rendered by Akeeba FOF?

I would like to populate the "Owner" select option list by SELECTing the owner column from the #__gscrm_accounts table WHERE the gscrm_account_id (primary key) is the selected "Person or Business" ...
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