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Admin Sidebar not appearing in one view in J5 component

So I have rewritten one of my j3 components for J5, hopefully following the new standards (my first attempt) All admin views work fine except for one where the admin sidebar does not appear (as if it ...
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How do I create a sticky sidebar in Joomla 4?

I would like to create a sticky sidebar in Joomla 4. In other words, I would like to display a module next to an article in one of the sidebar positions. When the article scrolls up, the module must ...
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How to group Component sidebar menu, or add headings?

In my custom component, I have a sidebar with several entries. These are added using JHtmlSidebar::addEntry(...), as described in Joomla Documentation. Most of these sidebar menu items will rarely be ...
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As JSubmenuHelper is deprecated, how to migrate to JHtmlSidebar?

The only source I found about this is from this post: Replacing JSubmenuHelper with JHtmlSidebar / Administrative menu in Joomla 4 The issue here is that I tried it, and it doesn't show the Sidebar ...
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