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Does showon work with form fields that are checkboxes?

I have a List form field type in my form, that selects (by showon) the values visible at a second (multiple) List form field type. That works fine. Something like that: <field name="animal&...
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Showon field attribute targeting field from a group to root

So this is an example XML: <form> <fieldset> <field name="field1" type="text" default="" label="" description=""> ...
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Multiple Subform field in module - add multiple items at once

I have a mutliple subform field with radio buttons. All other fields load by showon of the related parent radio select. If there was added more than one item without saving successively, the radio ...
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Form field option showon media select

pretty sure this is a rhetorical question... but.... Is it possible to use the showon option based on a media field having a file selected? This is what I'd like: all subsequent form fields hidden ...
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Joomla field logic control plug-in

Is there a plugin in joomla that controls the display or hiding of another field based on the specified field similar to the XML showon attribute, or similar to the conditional logic in the WordPress ...
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