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Joomla 4 Router forward to Controller function

For a Joomla 4 component I just cannot figure out how to successfully forward or call a Controller function from within a custom Router. This is the Controller - it basically loads an image: <?php ...
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J4 default page from CiviCRM extension not working

It seems that it is not possible to set a menu item from the CiviCRM extension for Joomla as the default page in J4. Or rather when the website is visited there is no content, while the menu item is ...
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1 answer

How to 3rd party routing to my component?

I need to add EasySocial routing to my own component, so that JRoute([some EasySocial link]) outputs a proper EasySocial URL. How can I do that? If I understand correctly, EasySocial routing is active ...
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Automatically create redirects after changing to modern routing / updating to J4. Detect and deal with old links with id

After changing to modern routing (and removing ids from urls), and/or updating a Joomla 3 site to Joomla 4, old article category links with the id at the start will 404. People seem to suggest fixing ...
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