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Provides a modal with rows of form fields that is specified in form XML.

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Layout override for repeatable subform custom field

I am trying to apply custom field override to my article and some of the fields I am trying to access are inside repeatable and non-repeatable subforms. Please how do I access and display subform ...
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What is the correct PHP to render Subform repeatable custom fields on the front end?

When creating custom layout overrides the PHP code <?php echo $this->item->jcfields[X]->value; ?> Works successfully, but does not function at all when it comes to repeatable subform ...
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How to add new field types to repeatable custom field?

By default, Joomla provides few types of fields that could be used as repeatable custom fields: editor media number text textarea I want to have more fields like boolean, or maybe even more rich ...
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Create dynamic html markup from values in repeatable field json

In my custom component, I use a repeatable field. Sometimes it is possible that a url_partenaire element is an empty string because it is not mandatory. var_dump($this->item->...
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Get linear array of subform repeated values

So have a simple Field a user can enter some IDs in: <field name="ids" type="subform" min="1" multiple="true" layout="joomla.form.field.subform....
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Get values of other custom fields in field layout override

I am using a repeatable custom field for articles in Joomla! 3.9.16 with an alternative layout (override) of com_fields/layouts/field/render.php and an override of plugins/fields/repeatable/tmpl/...
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Default value for repeatable custom field

I am trying to set a default value for the repeatable custom field. My subform has a number field, a media field and a text field. I am using the default value field in the repeatable field ...
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Jform checkbox not updating in a Module

Sorry I am new to Joomla. I am trying to resolve an issue with the checkbox not updating on the module. I don't see any updating code specified in PHP, but somehow Joomla is updating it. Can someone ...
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How do I display the values from a subform

I have a sub form in my XML, which works fine in the back end, but I'm not sure of the best way to get the data out of the subform and display it. Here's part of my original XML <field ...
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Need to dump specific table to excel

I need to setup a j3 content page with one or more buttons that start a joomla table dump to an excel file on the user pc. The SQL Query shall be specific for each button. Now I have not been able to ...
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Joomla 3.6 How to migrate data from repeatable to subform

The new field type subform does not retrieve old data repeatable, even fields have the same names. I created many posts with repeatable. The data are stored in extra fields of com_conent. attribs ...
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How to get repeatable form-field data?

I'm using Repeatable field Type. The data from database are: {"social_icon":["fa fa-facebook","fa fa-twitter","fa fa-linkedin"],"social_link":["","https://www.twitter....
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How to update the Repeatable fields in Joomla 3 with jQuery

I have looked in the /media/system/js/repeatable-uncompressed.js file but could only find events that trigger after the init of JRepeatable. Is there a way to update the input value of the repeatable ...
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Get value from a repeatable field and use it in a module

I use the field type "repeatable" in a Joomla module I've created but I don't know how to get the values out of it and use it in the module's default.php to create the output. My repeatable field: ...
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