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The readmore button is a control offered to Joomla! articles so that users will only see the leading portion of text, but may activate the button display the full article text if/when desired.

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Custom Read More text

Is it possible to set a custom Read more text for each article in Joomla? I would like to be able to somehow set a unique text for some of the readmore links (added using <hr id="system-readmore" /&...
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Show Login Popup on Read more Restriction

I want to restrict the guest users to show full article. Once the user is logged in, then only he will be able to read the full article else introduction article will be shown. I achieved this by ...
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Joomla artcle content update from code job Read More break not working

I am using Joomla 3.6.5 version. In article we can add Read More break point for blog view of articles or introtext in menu. When we click on Read More button in bottom of the page, it will add code: ...
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How do I set a default "Intro text" limit?

How do i set the default number of characters of INTRO TEXT before a "Read more" button is displayed on all my "Blogs" in Category Blog view. Right now, all of the blogs show it's entire content ...
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Tagged blog layout with readmore

I implemented the solution that enables a blog layout for tagged items, as described here: How to show tagged items in category blog layout What I miss is the Read More button. How do I implement ...
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