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A solution for multilingual websites having a different domain name for each language

I was looking for an easy to implement solution for multilingual websites having a different domain name for each language... for Joomla 4. In Joomla 3 there were a couple of plugins, but there is ...
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SchuWeb Sitemap error: non-numeric value encountered

I'm trying Schuweb Sitemap (3.1) on two Joomla sites (3.9.21). I'm getting the same error on both sites: Erreur d’analyse XML : données incompréhensibles après l’élément de document Emplacement : ...
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One joomla to serve as multi-domain/multi-site with subdomains (vhost)?

I am trying to solve the requirement to move some parts of the website to subdomains. But I do not want to split the website into multiple joomla instances My first idea was to use 301 redirects for ...
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2 answers

Connect two databases with one Joomla site

I have two Joomla sites with different databases. I want to share all data from one site to another site. For example, when I register a user in one website then it's updated on the second site's ...
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Different database for different subdomains but same files [duplicate]

I want to make a website that uses the same joomla files but different websites for each subdomain. I figured this approach is best for a multi website installation. Each subsite is a simple site that ...
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Joomla Staging and Multiple site management? [duplicate]

Good Morning all, i was wonder if anyone is aware of an open source joomla management solution for multiple sites similar to Cloudaccess or MyJoomla? I cannot seem to find anything? Any suggestions ...
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Default landing page without language suffix

I have a multilanguage Joomla website. How can I configure my site so that when someone types any url, it will always bring them to: ? Currently, a suffix is always added to my site ...
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2 answers

JCE editor not working in URL redirected sites

My configuration: four separated (multilingual) joomla websites in one webspace. One of the sites in the root and three URL redirects pointing to maps containing Joomla 3.x installations. Each site ...
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3 answers

2 domains, 2 templates one cms with same content

I have a site that need to have two sites in one, it is one company with two brands the one is news paper and the other one is tv(video). They have corresponding articles or videos, that feature on ...
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SSO Login for two joomla websites [duplicate]

Can anyone advise on an extension or custom code to sinchronize two joomla 3 websites users access credentials? I have two sites on the same host and I'd like the users to be able to login in one of ...
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