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General Tag for questions about the rendering / output / positioning of the modules.

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Add "show all" button to BT Content Slider module

I am using Joomla 3.X. I have a module which displays three news and events at a time to see next set of news and events user has to press the next button. The name of the module is "BT Content Slider"...
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Why doesn't Joomla show assigned JoomShopping modules on SEF URLs?

I have site which is build on JoomShopping module almost entirely. JoomShopping Search module assigned to all pages, and positioned on the left. Then I have enabled SEF urls. If I visit site by the ...
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How does Joomla decide what the home page is?

Joomla version 4.3.3, Cassiopeia template. I have a module that I'd like to display only on the Home page. I have a home page menu item which is linked to a single article. In the module options I ...
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Automatically display/render module upon installation

Can you help please? I've build a simple module which displays two 'back to top of page' arrows, one bottom left and the other bottom right. It works well if inside an existing template module ...
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Deleting module from front-end I Can't find in the back-end

I am very new to Joomla and I am responsible for updating a website that has been created by another web administrator. I have what I believe to be a module that I want to delete, I see it in the ...
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Issue with modal window - hidden but still preventing links underneath being clicked

I'm having a bit of an issue with YJ Pop login for some reason. On the following page, when I click login in the top right, the modal pop's up no problem. However, even when the modal is hidden, it ...
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How to render mod_articles_category using custom php code?

I am writing PHP API for Joomla3.9 website where I need to deliver the HTML produced by mod_articles_category modules. I tried blow code to get Module HTML output but it does not working any more It ...
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How to make frontend module editing as modal in a custom template?

In layout override files, this is successfully outputting the content of the modules plus the icon for frontend module editing. But when clicked it opens the module editor as a full page instead of as ...
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