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A modal is a dialog popup window that is displayed on top of the current page.

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JHtml::_('bootstrap.renderModal',,,); Joomla Bootstrap List of all parameters that can be used?

First I want to thank @Lodder and @Irfan for the below code which helped out a lot. The code below will create a button that launches a native Joomla Bootstrap modal. $modalTitle = 'myModal'; $...
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Create record from modal edit form

Is there a standard Joomla mechanism / development pattern for creating a modal edit form to create an item from within another item? I've used this tutorial to create a modal list view, where you ...
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How to preserve hyperlinks in Joomla4 when using enqueueMessage()?

How can I add a hyperlink in an error message in Joomla4? I used hyperlinks in enqueueMessage text in joomla 3.x without any problems. Now I'm using Joomla 4.x and it removes the hyperlink -- it ...
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Joomla 4 alpha display modal with insert image button

I am developing a custom module in Joomla4 alpha, using a bootstrap rendered modal window so that the user of the component will assign images from media in the Joomla back end to the extension ...
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Modal rendering issue

I am using the following code to render a Modal window in Joomla! 3.6.5, inside administration: echo '<a href="#modal-test-modal" role="button" class="btn btn-success" data-toggle="modal">...
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How to use handler: 'string' in joomla modals

Im looking for some examples of how to use {handler: 'string' ...} for joomla modals, as used in editors-xtd buttons plugins $button->options = '{handler: 'iframe' ......}'; but I want to use: $...
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Link to article in module

Good day. There is a custom field in my module mod_expandAjaxReq.xml <fieldset name="basic" addfieldpath="/modules/mod_expandajaxreq/models/fields"> <field name="...
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Button in the Joomla Toolbar should open a Modal Confirm Window

I work on a Joomla Site View for my component with content which can be unlocked via points. In this thread I fixed my controller problem already, so now I have a simple button, and if I press it, the ...
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Why can't I use a modal close button in the Joomla! modal body?

I have managed to get front end editing opening in a modal. Which is pretty useful in my opinion. However the cancel button is irrelevant in this situation. In the normal operation it cancels ...
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How to style a page inside s-box popup

After an update of few components and Joomla some of front-end users noticed that when inside article's creation clicking on "Introduction image" shows a modal (/index.php?option=com_media&view=...
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Explain Different Dialog Appearances?

I'm having a problem with a modal dialog. It's not displaying consistently, and I'm not understanding the issue. If you go to this page: click on ...
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