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Number of articles in multiples sub-categories

I use mod_articles_category to display a list of categories with their articles. I need to display the total of articles next to each category title. I've tried with <?php echo $item->numitems; ?...
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Joomla category blog is displaying only a number of leading articles in the 'blog' section, and putting all other leading articles outside of it

Okay so this has gotten me stuck for more than i'd like to admit. I made a joomla ovverride for blogs just to test it out. I see the code below: <?php if (!empty($this->lead_items)) : ?> ...
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Joomla custom fields in mod_articles_category

i've create several custom fields and i can show all them easy in articles, or articles list. Now i would need render them in mod_articles_category override but i cannot reach the target so far. Is ...
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PHP Fatal error: Class 'ContentHelperRoute' not found

I am getting this line in the error_log of a Joomla! 3.6.5 site every so often: [21-Dec-2016 18:29:41 America/Detroit] PHP Fatal error: Class 'ContentHelperRoute' not found in /path/to/site/...
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How to show the full text in mod_article_category?

I override the Joomla mod_article_category. I set hide introtext in Joomla CMS. And I used the print_r($list) to check the fulltext variable. However, there are [fulltext] but no content after print_r(...
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Create custom override for list from mod_articles_categories

I have created custom template override for mod_articles_categories,and it works fine. I also need to create an override for the view ,when we choose a category from the list. is it possible? now the ...
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Module Articles Category: How to group articles and order by category order?

I use the Joomla module 'Articles Category' to present articles grouped by category. Under the 'Grouping Options' tab I selected 'Article Grouping -> Category'. But it only provides ordering by title....
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Limit the number of items in a mod_articles_category module?

I have a really simple question: is it possible to limit the number of items displayed when using the mod_articles_category module? If not, it's possible to add a paginator? Because I have a ...
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