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Warning! Internet Explorer should not be used error, on mobile browsers

After some problems with a Joomla 4( beta 6) install on ubuntu 18.04 with Nginx tried another instance for test purposes. This time on an Ubuntu 20 server with Litespeed( Open LS). Wich I don't know ...
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Adding viewport metatag breaks my template layout

I have separate templates for desktop/tablet and phone. I don't feel that viewport meta is needed in my mobile template, but without it Google is saying: Error: The page is not mobile friendly ...
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Need to Change the Default URL on Mobile Joomla

As you can probably see in my previous queestions, I'm new to Joomla with less than a year's worth of experience. I'm looking to start building out Mobile pages - but a previous developer left me in a ...
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Mobile header available only on the main page

On my website I have a strange problem: My mobile menu and logo are visible only on the first page and on the other they disappeared and I couldn't find logic for this. My template is ...
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What is the best practice to detect screen width on server-side?

I have a module that outputs 1 item by default, in its help.php file, there is something like $items = 1; $db->setQuery($query, 0, $items) Now I want to detect if users' screen width is less than ...
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