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Questions tagged [json]

json is an abbreviation of JavaScript Object Notation. It's a lightweight data-interchange format.

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How to get an AJAX call in component's administrator side

I added a component to my site and it accesses my DB via an AJAX call. In my 'tmpl' folder, I have a 'default.php' file which makes an AJAX call that is received by view.json.php just outside that ...
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How to store component parameters after modification

As I understand it, the current values of a component configuration are stored as JSON in the params field of the #__extensions database table, in the entry that matches the component name as element. ...
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How to handle duplicate items coming from an external JSON API and being imported as article content

I have adapted working code from Joomla 3 and the CLI to Joomla 4/5 and the API. The core functionality using the API system is working, but I am struggling to find a replacement for checking for ...
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I am trying to use joomla.asset.json for a custom template, but I get a white page - why?

I have created a custom Joomla 4x template called 'toccata'. I have a joomla.asset.json file (shown further down below). The file is listed in my templateDetails.xml file and I thought I'd done ...
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Adding Azuracast JSON file to my AM HTML5 AUDIO PRO PLAYER in joomla

I need help for a problem that i didn't found solution. we have a web radio created with joomla and we start to put our programs 24h/24. I bought an AM HTML5 AUDIO PRO PLAYER and everything work fine ...
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JSON to String in Joomla

I have the following method to convert JSON to a String // Convert the JSON-encoded image info into an array $image = new JRegistry; $image->loadString($this->item->image, 'JSON'); $this-&...
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