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Bootstrap forms and pagination getting messed up

In my backend, all forms look like this: Instead of how they used to look:
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SQL Injections using Jfactory::getDBO and setQuery() with LIKE condition

$db = JFactory::getDBO(); $searchP = JRequest::getVar('key'); $sql = "SELECT name FROM people LIKE " . "'%" . $searchP . "%'"; $db->setQuery($sql); $fileR = $db->loadObjectList(); Will ...
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How can I get value from custom field in Joomla 3.8.5?

I had created the new fields in User:Fields named departments, phone, and mobile phone. How can I view it at my site like how username and email can be viewed? For now I'm using getUser() and getParam(...
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Joomla custom fields in mod_articles_category

i've create several custom fields and i can show all them easy in articles, or articles list. Now i would need render them in mod_articles_category override but i cannot reach the target so far. Is ...
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Fatal Error / 404 on all pages after update to 3.8.5 [duplicate]

Hi how can i reverse update from 3.85 to 3.6.5 - front end just displays error 404 and templates seem to be this issue
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Smart Search - Same Content but Different indexes and front-end results

I have not a deep experience with the ins and outs of Smart Search. I am trying to figure out why I am getting different search results after searching with the exact same term in those 2 instances of ...
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