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How to create an instance of the Joomla CMS from the browser or the command line

Recently there have been a number of questions posted on JSE relating to how to load the Framework that in most cases is really asking how to load up the Joomla CMS either from a command line or via a ...
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Joomla 4: Error when I use getArticleRoute

In Joomla 4, when I use "RouteHelper::getArticleRoute", I get the next error: "Attempted to load class RouteHelper from namespace Joomla\Component\Content\Site\Helper. I want to use ...
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How to get user session info from external php script with Joomla-4.x?

How we can get the logged in user information and session information from external php script with Joomla-4.x? The below code working with Joomla 3.x and doesn't working with Joomla-4.x define( '...
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Is there any "How to build simple web app with Joomla Framework for dummies" tutorial?

I need to create a simple landing page that is displaying dynamic portfolio items and some simple data which are taken from database + a contact form. I think Joomla CMS is somewhat overkill for ...
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How do I get the Joomla Framework Files for a production server?

Following the "simple" instructions, I'm completely unable to get the FrameWork to function. I don't normally use Git or Composer, so don't know what to expect as a final result when these 4 steps ...
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Count rows from multiple database tables

On a project of mine, I've recently moved from native PDO to the Joomla Database Framework package. Before, I prepared the following statement to count the number of rows from multiple tables (...
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Defining database options for Joomla framework package

I'm using the Joomla Database Framework package for an internal project. To initiate a Database instance, I'm using the following: $db = Joomla\Database\DatabaseDriver::getInstance($options); The $...
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