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For questions regarding the Joomla 3.2.x Content Management System only.

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Joomla jDownloads: How to display files inside subcategories under top level category, and how to search within a category?

I found myself maintaining a poorly built website in a CMS I'm not really familiar with (Joomla, version 3.2), so I'm sort of fumbling through making basic improvements to it until we can secure a new ...
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Can I put link from custom html to wrapper module?

Here it is. I have a custom html with some mouse hover js function. So, when I click on that fade in 'view' button, I want to display embedded video in wrapper module? How do I do that?
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How to create a repeatable xml form field feature?

I am building a custom component and all is good. I thought I would have a go at the new 3.2 repeatable xml form field feature. Although I have it working I don't quite know how to save the data. It ...
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Why does mod_smartsearch not load Mootools in J3.X, even though it needs it?

In the Joomla 3.X series I see there is a move away from Mootools to jQuery, with refactoring still ongoing. That said, Mootools is still required for the Smart Search module to enable autocomplete (...
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