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Solidres Joomla 3 Logged in, select any Joomla menu item, erroneously returned to login page

Hi I'm a rank amateur with regard to site development experience, Last time I put one together was at least a decade ago, much has changed! Decided on Solidres for numerous reasons, not least they ...
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Call to undefined method

I've have a big problem with my dashbord SP Page Builder, when i tried to go on , i've got this message 0 Call to ...
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RSform: How to skip strings in query output if variables are empty?

I have this Code. I don't know PHP, but I got the result I wanted. Almost. As you can see, the output will include empty URL parameters if none are provided. Some fields will always be filled, others ...
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Can't access Front End Editing for articles of a category blog

When I login on the front end of my Joomla-Site, I can only edit articles that are shown in a menu-item-type "single article". Those articles that are shown in a menu-item-type "...
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"Call to a member function setState() on bool" with responsivizer component after upgrading from joomla 3.9 to 3.10

After updating my Joomla site from version 3.9 to 3.10, everything is working except the responsivizer component where I am getting this error in the backend: Call to a member function setState() on ...
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