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JED is short for Joomla Extensions Directory, the official directory for Joomla components, modules and plugins.

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Error Unable to detect manifest file. for JED - related to Folder permission

Hello there On Joomla 3.9.26 stable i clicked on the blue Button up in the Image and then the red button above appeared. I googled the error-message. I found something for joomla 1. and 2. but that ...
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JED Checker - Rule Jamss - JAMSS - Joomla! Anti-Malware Scan Script

I am receiving an alert in JED Checker, the line of code that generates the alert contains str_replace which is used to replace of spaces with hyphens. Here the code: $uniqueFilter = array_unique($...
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Getting reviews from JED

I saw on NoNumber's website, he has a tab which shows reviews from the Joomla Extensions Directory, for example, here I was wondering, if it's possible to somehow pull reviews from the JED website. I'...
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What are the criteria to take in mind before submitting extension in JED?

I have used JED checker to analyze if my extension is valid to submit in JED. But also i want to know major or minor things to consider before submitting extension in JED.
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Are extensions which require SaaS servers to work permitted to be listed on the JED? [closed]

I know that the JED made it a requirement that all software extensions that are listed on the JED are GPL. There is a 'workaround' that subverts GPL by not 'distributing' the code (i.e. offering your ...
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