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Joomla Database connector class

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Need some suggestion regarding strategy of scraping article view times from another webpage to use in K2 item

I am building a video blog page using Joomla 3.0 + k2 hosted on my own Ubuntu 14.04 server, the videos will be uploaded to sites like youtube or vimeo too. I want to show the viewed times of the ...
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Connecting to an external database in Joomla 4 - further problem

I have seen the earlier question on this subject and tried the suggested code: $db = (new Joomla\Database\DatabaseFactory)->getDriver('mysqli', $options); but get an error: An error has occurred ...
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Join tables where one column value has leading zeros and the other doesn't

I am trying to LEFT JOIN a table, but the two columns used for relating rows are not identically formatted. My problem is the value in a.vendor, it has leading zeros on it, and c.No doesn't have ...
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how to fix array error on spgenries.php of sp movie database for joomla

This is my first time using sp movie database on joomla. I am getting an error on spgenries, please help with this.... Warning: count(): Parameter must be an array or an object that implements ...
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