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The default Joomla 3.x backend template

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Make a custom user field searchable and sortable in administrator list

I'm trying to figure how to make a custom user field searchable, and sortable, in admin users panel. My custom field stores a client ID. As I can have multiple accounts per ID, i'd like to make this ...
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How can Joomla isis template be forced to display dropdown menu icons?

Various 3rd party extensions have dropdown menu icons that don't appear in ISIS because ISIS doesn't provide for dropdown menu icons. This is caused because ISIS has the following CSS activator. ....
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Are administrator layout overrides lost in system's templates on Joomla's update?

Let's say I need an alternative layout of an administrator module. So I copy the file of the module from the administrator/modules/my_module/tmpl/default.php and put it inside administrator/templates/...
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How to move Joomla quick icons to the right side?

It might not be all that important, but I kinda wish to see the Joomla quick icons on the right. The default setting is on the left, I think? I attach a screenshot as an example of where I want them ...
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How to remove/hide "Help" button from the admin toolbar?

How do I remove the "Help" button from the admin toolbar in Isis template? I have tried placing the following in the Isis template.css file with no luck, #toolbar-help.btnwrapper button.btn-small { ...
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