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How to integrate Nicepage site on Joomla

I am kinda new to this whole website thing. Definatly dont have much experiance in coding ect, but I have created a whole website with a nicepage paid subscription. I downloaded Joomla and XAMPP. I ...
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Does Joomla suppport Chargebee & Unbounce?

We're thinking about getting a CMS and are currently working with Chargebee and Unbounce. I couldn't quite find if Joomla supports both integrations.
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What is the fastest way to integrate with Joomla?

I promised to dev a small caritate project for the local government. It consists of a few pages, db tables, queries. I don't need tutorials about how a database works, what is MVC and other design ...
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How to create my own Joomla distribution with the extensions I always use?

I want to make "My Own Joomla". Instead of creating my sites starting from vannilla blank Joomla installation, and then manually adding my favorite extensions and configuring my favorite options and ...
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Joomla - Moodle Integration - User relationships in Joomdle

I'm building a hybrid Joomla / Moodle system using Joomdle to integrate the two platforms. The system will be used by staff in a large organisation. In Joomla, users will be divided into groups ...
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