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Joomla 4 Security: Is it worth tracking attacks for the Joomla team?

Shortly after I (finally) managed to upgrade to Joomla 4 my development site was taken down by an attack. (I dont' know how exactly yet). Is it worth my time to work out how this happened? How would ...
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Removing the Category ID from article Url

Joomla 3.7(?) to 3.10.5 Legacy router issue fix So, our site articles' urls needed the category id to be removed (only, not the article id, as removing both causes a 404). Here is the solution that ...
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index.php is sending out a suspicious number of emails

We got an email from Siteground about a suspicious number of outgoing emails from public_html/index.php. They've blocked the site from sending emails. Which we need to resolve. There is no contact ...
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Scary Code on Joomla Site

When the website is opened, I notice a message on the lower left hand side of the page with an unfamiliar address. Examining the source code I see the following: <script>var a='';setTimeout(10);...
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How to protect joomla from hacking, virus and any other threat? [duplicate]

Hello can any one tell me how to protect joomla from virus and hacking or any other threat?
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Tracking down a spam redirection: ?oem=

I have a rather old Joomla site running Joomla 1.5.17 (it is not longer in use but I want to keep it available for anyone wanting to look back at it; therefore I don't want to ...
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Email - is this possible

I created a Joomla 2.5 site (needs updated I know) for a client a while back, the site hasn't been maintained in quite a while. They contacted me today concerned about an email which was (thought to ...
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