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The GNU General Public License is a copyleft free software license and is the most popular open source license. This tag is for questions related to the GNU General Public License that are not requests for legal advice.

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Are Download IDs, API and Subscription Keys free to distribute with GPL extensions?

I purchase and use several extensions on an annual subscription basis (and whenever the Extension provider has an unlimited use option - I usually go for that). Many extension providers have a ...
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Licencing of Custom Extensions

The answer to this is probably on the joomla site but I can't find it. The business model for my company is Software as a Service (SaaS). I am using joomla. If I write an extension for joomla am I ...
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What directory should contain GPL scripts from external source? Best practice?

I am making a custom gallery module using Light Gallery. In most cases, I would just place all my JS files inside /assets/js directory. But I wonder if this is good practice when using an external ...
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Are extensions which require SaaS servers to work permitted to be listed on the JED? [closed]

I know that the JED made it a requirement that all software extensions that are listed on the JED are GPL. There is a 'workaround' that subverts GPL by not 'distributing' the code (i.e. offering your ...
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