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GitHub is a web-based hosting service for software development projects that use Git for version control.

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How to set up Joomla! 4 properly

I'm trying to do a pull request for Joomla! 4. I've downloaded the repro and changed branch but now I need a working copy of J4 so I can test my code. I try to install it the usual way but it the ...
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Implementing Joomla update system for extension hosted on Github

I have a number of Joomla extensions on the JED. I haven't set up a site for them; I'm just pointing JED at their location on Github. I've also never implemented auto-update for any of them. JED now ...
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How to version a Joomla component

When a create a new Joomla component or module, the most part of coding and development is done inside the CMS structure, with the component already installed. - administrator - cache - ...
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using git to clone site and getting "mkdir() permission denied" error

For learning and practical purpose, I create a repo for a complete Joomla folder on a remote linux server, then I push it to github. Then I tried two ways to get the files to my local Mac. Firstly, I ...
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Can I use git to version control Joomla website's debugging and development?

I have a joomla website on a remote server that I am constantly developing. To debug it, I need to have a local copy, but this creates a version problem: Sometimes I debug and modify the local ...
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Joomla site working with github(or any other version control system)

I've never used github before although I was aware of it long time ago. More and more I feel the need to version control my joomla site. For example, sometimes I change lots of js/php/css files to try ...
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How to apply a patch from Git in order to resolve an unfixed issue?

I have the latest stable build of Joomla installed, 3.4 at time of writing this. The issue is that I get an error when trying to install zipped extension files. No file selected. Unable to find ...
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Solution for Using Markdown Content from github?

I like Markdown a lot and I would like to use github to save the content there (also with the added benefit that anybody can submit a PR). I am not interested in a Markdown editor for Joomla, just an ...
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How do I contribute code to Joomla?

I am aware that the code is managed at (for the CMS at least) and that I should submit pull requests to suggest that code be added. I'm especially interested in ...
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