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?format=html is appended to the URL on a multilingual website

Problem with adding ?format=html has been going on since joomla 4. The problem occurs when there are language connections between materials, but the problem could be solved using this principle:.../...
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Factory::getDate('now', $this->app->get('offset'))->toSql() is losing timezone?

Why is turning a date ->toSql losing the timezone value? var_dump(Factory::getDate('now', $this->app->get('offset'))->toSql()); 2023-09-14 17:10:04 var_dump(Factory::getDate('now', $this-...
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Joomla Calendar field does not work when given format as D dS M Y

In my XML form, I have given a calendar field in the format='D dS M Y' which is as follows <field name="certificationdate" class="inputbox" format="D dS M Y" ...
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How to set date format to English when using a non-English language?

After I have installed the Persian language in Joomla; now all English dates are changed to Persian dates. How can I have the Persian language and English dates?
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How to change date format in JHTML::calendar to d-m-Y?

In a form I have a date/time-field. It works correctly, but the format of the date isn't right -- I require Dutch date notation (d-m-Y). Instead of day-month-year it displays and saves it as year-...
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Number parsing and formatting, according to the user locale

I'm wondering if there is J-API way to parse and format numbers (like JDate). When you convert decimal numbers into different locales, the user can enter numbers in this way "1.234.567,891" and ...
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How to reformat a date string? [duplicate]

I'm trying to enter the date in tags default_items.php (in an override) to see the date in tags list. I am using <?php echo $item->displayDate; ?> and this prints: 2018-08-04 06:04:37, but I'...
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Create alias for alternate view format

I've just created an RSS feed view format for one of the views in my component. This is contained in: components/com_mycomponent/views/myview/view.rss.php I'd now like to allow access to this via ...
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In "Date Format" section, what code makes the date relative?

This code will show the date of publishing like: 4:30 10/7/2015 I want the date be like: 2 hours and 15 minutes ago this setting is on showcase modules ("news show pro GK4" in this case) for ...
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How to get Attachments list for an article view in format=raw output

Using this Joomla Attachment plugin: When used &format=raw in the url params to view an article the output only shows the details of the article and its ...
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Add output formats to core components

Is it possible to add output formats to a component? For example, if I wanted to have a pdf output from com_content article, how would this be done? The article view only has a single format listed (...
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