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A web form, also called html form, is a special html element consisting of several input elements, that allows the users to enter and send data to the server. One of the most common type of forms are the contact forms in websites.

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How to save Custom Fields in Core components

I'm trying to add a single, simple field to each #__content item, and I've very carefully followed the tutorial at Adding Custom Fields to Core Components, substituting "content" for "contact". I now ...
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Editor stripping Script

I have a form which has been created in a CRM and then the code copied in to the website and updated to make it look and read better. However, when I copy the code in, the "script" at the bottom of ...
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Joomla! 3.8 - How to hide Publishing Tab in front end

My registered users can log in to see, create and edit only their own articles. This works fine. However, when a user creates or edits an article, the "Publishing" tab appears at the top with "Content"...
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Alter registration and comment forms

I am deveoping a small plugin that needs to alter the registration and comment forms to add 4 hidden fields that have data inside that I gather from the configuration panel, and when the form is ...
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Update List field rendering after ajax update

for one of my extensions i need to update a select list by ajax. the whole ajax call is working and i got the new option vars for the select list. I add those options in the ajax's "success" function ...
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Save multiple fields in DB

Please help advice. How to save multiple Fields in the database. I have a form with X number of fields. Fields added using JQuery <input type="text" value="" name="jform[phone]"> <input type=...
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How to dynamically reload admin-form-fields in Joomla

In a custom component, I'm developing an admin form with 2 fields, a combo-box for jobTitles and checkboxes for technologies. Both fields are loaded from a database table. The values of the checkbox ...
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Assign user to a specific group based on custom field selected

I'd like to assign a user to a custom group instead a some standard Joomla group, based on a dropdown choice. I've created a user group named "students". Then I added a new custom custom field for ...
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Reload Item View with a Button and send a variable to the session

I try to add the possibility to my component to unlock content within the component item view. If you watch the item view page, you see a description and an image and a little button. If you click the ...
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