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For questions about FLEXIcontent, the advanced content management system that enhances the native article manager of Joomla!

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Short Url with FlexiContent Or Remove menu item alias from URL

I am using flexicontent for content management in Joomla 4.3.4. And i created the Menu as All content->Edited->News As its URL with menu item alias my-domain/all-content/edited/news/content-...
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Get the full Joomla URL for an image

Currently I am on my local server and the URL I want to create is: http://localhost/cax2017/images/flexicontent/l_thecaxton.jpg /cax2017/images/flexicontent/l_thecaxton.jpg is created by: ...
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Joomla 3 Flexicontent custom form based on jForm

After hours of googling and experimenting, I gave up :( I need to add form to my articles in Joomla 3, that collects data from article's additional fields and emails them. Articles are managed by ...
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