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How to create custom filter type option for a custom field to extend the custom fields in Joomla?

I'm trying to figure out how to add/extend the "Filter" options for a Custom Field. I first started looking to see if I could figure out where I could add my own filter to the list of ...
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0 answers

Ignore active filter states when getting items from ListModel

When trying to get all items from my list model inside a plugin, I use this: $objects = $app->bootComponent('com_foo')->getMVCFactory()->createModel('Objects', 'MyModel', ['ignore_request' =&...
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Pre-filter set without any effect in List Fabrik Joomla

I have a List "Document Manager" defined in Fabrik module in Joomla and I want to pre-filter the documents from the list, in order to show only the documents belonging to the currently ...
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How do I get the tag parent with Joomla 4?

I'm using Joomla 4 and need to use the new API to get tags which have a specific parent. (I am already able to do it with the legacy API using the $tag->parent_id). It seems that the new API doesn'...
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Retrieving state variables using Ajax in 3.10.4

I have a site which displays a directory of registered users on the frontend. I've allowed users to select topics of interests when they're registering. In the directory they then can search by names ...
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0 answers

Filtering Subcategories by Tag

Hoping someone can provide some insight on this one; I've been stuck on this last piece of the puzzle for a while and have yet to figure it out in Joomla 3.9. Apologies for the long explanation. I ...
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JLayout Search Tool not populating filters and inputbx

I am converting the searchbar in one of my components to JLayout Search Tools searchbars to become more ready for J!4. Everything is working fine but it is not populating the filters. In view.html....
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0 answers

Joomla 3.7.2 Smart Search Filters Uneditable

Just updated a site from 2.5 to 3.7.2 and now I can't access my smart search filter settings. When I go into one of them I'm supposed to see selections and checkboxes. See link. https://docs.joomla....
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