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Reoder featured articles after migration to joomla 4

I have upgrade my site from Joomla 3.10.x to Joomla 4.3.2. My homepage shows a list of featured articles. I have create new featured articles and if i change the order in the backend with drag & ...
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Showing both intro text and main article text

I want to show the latest blog article on my home page, and I want to show both the intro text (the part before "read more") and the main text (the part after "read more"). I can do this with a menu ...
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Order Broken on Feature Article page

I have a page displaying a list of Feature Articles. It is set up as a Menu Item of type Feature Articles. IN the Layout, I have Article Order set to 'Article Order'. When I have 5 articles on the ...
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Cannot find featured articles on Joomla Backend

I'm new at this, any help is appreciated! I cannot find the main page content on the backend of Joomla. I went into Edit Menu Items learned the menu type is Featured Articles, but when I search ...
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Why won't my new blog post display at the top of the blog?

My site is, running Joomla 3.6.1. I've used Joomla!for several years, and my standard method for creating a new blog entry is to create an article, flag it "Published" and "...
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Displaying articles in categories

Joomla 3.4.8. I have a fairly simple category hierarchy of meeting minutes: - Minutes - 2016 Minutes - 2015 Minutes - 2014 Minutes etc. Minutes are each articles with the appropriate (sub)category ...
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Show/Hide create date in article not working properly

I want to hide the create date for a specific menu item with type Featured Articles. For this, I did the following: Menu item > Options > Create Date : show . But it doesn't display in frontend....
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How to show parent category title in featured articles on the home page?

My home page has the featured article view in 3 columns. There are parent categories like news, teledrama and programmes. I want to categorise these featured articles. News articles should be under ...
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