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Replicate SEF URLs Using Article Alias

I've got a Joomla site that I'm preparing to upgrade to Joomla 4. I'm currently using the sh404SEF component to create SEF urls that use the article's alias (Ex: I need a ...
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Recommend a contact us module for Joomla 3

I am looking for a module in Joomla 3 that creates a contact form below the article. It must help me to send a copy of the message to my visitor who have inquired and send another one to our contact ...
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Login via facebook/google?

Can someone recommend working extensions for login via facebook/google? I've tried some but they are either not working or not working very well. Firstly I tried Akeeba Social Login. After I install ...
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Joomla learning extension

I am looking for an independent platform, or an "extension" for joomla, that has or allows to develop the following characteristics: Role 'Student' - This has a personal page where you will be ...
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1 answer

How can I make a site like StackExchange with Joomla?

I really like stack exchange, you ask questions, get answers, vote for them and many more. I'd like to have a similar platform for my company so that employees can discuss different subjects and tag ...
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How can I query Active Directory to display a list of users?

I am using Joomla to build a company Intranet. We would like to display a nicely formatted list of users as a Company Directory. We already have all this information in our Windows Domain / Active ...
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2 votes
2 answers

Joomla's extension for a custom database application

I need to create a website which will basically feature a database with a lot of records. Each user can see a big list of every record and then a page dedicated with all the informations about it. I ...
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3 answers

Booking extension with hourly bookings

I'm looking for a Booking extension/module with the ability to display a daily view with the ability to click and book specific hours. Something similar to the attached image. I've looked at all the ...
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1 answer

Community driven-image contests [closed]

I want to build a site where: An user creates a contest, for example, entitled "Landscapes" Every user can submit images to that contest Every user can vote within those images Eventually the contest ...
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1 answer

Load articles by tag

I've had a good look round and can't find any built-in functionality to load articles by tag (similar to mod_articles_category, but using Joomla 3.X's built in tags as the filter. Does anyone know if ...
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Extension that allows redirect after file download

I need an extension that manages files, creates a download link for these files on the website and redirects the client to another page after the download button was clicked. Phoca Download is ...
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4 answers

Make module titles linkable

I was searching the internet but without much luck. I need some way to make module titles linkable, and the only thing I found was on Gavick forum archive posted couple of years ago and file doesn't ...
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How to track separate QR codes on the same website?

What I am trying to do is this - different agents will be given flyers to hand out. Each agent will have a different QR code. Bob's flyers will go to (URL)/qr-coupon&id=001 Jim's flyers will go ...
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Dynamic Page Replacing Content joomla

This is the first question, sorry if it is inadequate. Before working with joomla I used to use the "Dynamic Page Replacing Content" script by CSSTRICKS, with a few modifications. A few months ago I ...
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