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Questions tagged [editor]

For questions related to the available content editors in Joomla! like TinyMCE, JCE, JCK,CKEditor...

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Joomla keeps wrapping content with user-visible p tags

I have observed the same behavior when installing Joomla from multiple so called Quick Start Packages embedding themes and plugins. Right now, I have installed, Basic Joomla running on a production ...
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TinyMCE editor assuming same tag and class after added embedded iframe

I created a plugin that allows for the embedding of iframes. The iframe is wrapped with a <div> that uses Bootstrap's ratio classes to keep everything responsive to an acceptable degree. The ...
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PDF file upload only works in JCE (Joomla 3.10.6)

I'm puzzled by why I can only upload PDFs from within the editor when I use JCE. The site I'm working on is using YOOtheme Pro and if I try to add a PDF as a link in a gallery element it "...
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How can I update a Joomla form editor box contents from Javascript?

I have a form with lots of fields including editor fields that display using jce/codemirror. I have buttons that call the submitbutton.js which builds a string from other elements in the form. I can ...
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JCE plugin to add custom toolbar dropdown list

I am trying to add a dropdown menu in JCE editor. The dropdown will contain a list of items fetched from database. Please find the below code: (function () { tinymce.create('tinymce.plugins....
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Using CodeMirror editor in custom component

I am trying to use CodeMirror as the editor for a field inside a component I am developing. I have specified the editor as codemirror in the form.xml file but I get a javascript error on the page: ...
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How to use handler: 'string' in joomla modals

Im looking for some examples of how to use {handler: 'string' ...} for joomla modals, as used in editors-xtd buttons plugins $button->options = '{handler: 'iframe' ......}'; but I want to use: $...
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J5. Activate Tab key and Indent in Codemirror in custom component

Codemirror v6 looks like not so easy to configure as previous versions. In my custom component I get codemirror editor with this code who use for options sintax like v5: $editor = Editor::getInstance('...
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Submit an form with WYSIWYG Editors via AJAX

I'm submitting a standard Joomla form via AJAX. Only the apply task is submitted via AJAX: $js = ' Joomla.submitbutton = function (task) { if (task != "cancel") { if (...
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How to use emoji picker plugin from editor in Joomla in a textarea field?

I need to use the emoji picker plugin from editor to add emojis in a textarea field. Is it possible? It's for my chat component:
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Getting Editor to show on front (site) of website

I'm trying to display to users an editor in the front end of my website (in a logged in area) I have: // IMPORT EDITOR CLASS jimport( 'joomla.html.editor' ); // GET EDITOR SELECTED IN GLOBAL SETTINGS ...
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TinyMCE doesn't show content

After updating Joomla from 3.6.0 to 3.9.15, TinyMCE doesn't work. I just don't see any content in article edit. In console I have errors in tinymce.min.js: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read ...
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