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Issue Restoring Joomla 3.10.11 to Docker

I'm looking to restore my backed-up version of Joomla! 3.10.11, backed up by Akeeba, to a docker container locally so that I can test the migration to Joomla! 4, but am having issues in doing so. ...
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DPDocker and Joomla

I'm new to Docker. I tested I was able to implement things quickly with the component Now I'm in the process of ...
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Where are the Joomla tests located, and how can I include them in my CI/CD pipeline?

I am trying to set up a CI/CD pipeline for a Joomla project and would like to include tests for my Joomla components. I am looking for the location of the Joomla tests and how I can integrate them ...
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CLI Joomla installation

I'm using the official Joomla Docker repo to (hopefully) rapidly install a Joomla docker instance for testing my component development. I copy my component over to the server and extract it. However, ...
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Docker compose Start command throwing "No volume error"

I am working on deploying a Joomla application on a Linux server using Docker. When I use the docker-compose start command, I get the following error: "Cannot start service joomla-1: get ...
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Joomla Dev site accepting only prod credentials and directing to Prod site after replicating the Prod db dump to Dev DB

I have exported the Joomla DB dump from Production application and imported the same production sql dump file to my development environment. Now when i launch the development site then it logs me in ...
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