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How to replace deprecated Joomla classes with VS Code?

Is there a way to conveniently replace deprecated Joomla classes with VS Code. I do have the PHP CodeSniffer (with Joomla Coding standards) and Intelephense extensions, although I am not sure if ...
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How can I generate a stubs file for Joomla?

I'd like to develop Joomla components with VS Code. With PHP Intelephense enabled, all my file show errors because I use Joomla classes and functions. (And it would also be convenient to have auto ...
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"0 Class 'JToolbarHelper' not found" error while trying to login to the backend

I am trying to login to the backend of my Joomla installation and have this error: 0 Class 'JToolbarHelper' not found I'm not sure how to fix it. I updated the tmp directory in the server setting ...
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How to reverse-engineer a 3rd party Joomla extension to clone it and to be able to make modifications to it?

I have a template from a provider in which they've included a new content type and a com_content override. The template is a quick install. I'd like to find out - what files have been added by ...
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Desktop application for macOS to generate components, plugins and modules

I would like to know if there's a desktop application to easy generate components, plugins and modules for Joomla. I have tested this two generators: ...
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Joomla Docker Installation using Kitematic

I'm trying to use Docker to replace my current web development workflow. I have installed Docker and Kitematic and trying to use Official Joomla Image to create a new Joomla container. I managed to ...
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Sublime Text 3: Joomla coding standard (PHP Code Sniffer) is not executed

2 years ago I installed Joomla coding standard definition for PHP Codesniffer ( for Sublime Text and everything worked well. I just moved to a new laptop ...
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