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Refers to an initial, most commonly used option, setting, or value that is automatically assigned to an application or device, outside of user intervention, with the intention of making it usable "out of the box".

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Params field value for extension in database is inconsistant when using subform & default values, it returns either a string or an object, how to fix?

I'm trying to write a plugin that needs to use the same subform twice, and I want to set different default values for these two subforms. The config part of my XML file looks like this: <config> ...
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How to set/change default article category in Joomla 3.10?

When I create a new article, there is a default category of "Uncategorised". Is there any way to set a different default article category instead of the native default "Uncategorised&...
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Why do the default PHP Joomla! files get restored without asking?

I edited the \components\com_content\views\article\tmpl\default.php file to suit my needs, and to output a customized string instead of the default H1 header. The site was running all OK, but when I ...
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Define a default intro image on article submissions

I'm searching a way to define a default intro image in the Joomla article creator from the core (when a user create an article if he don't add an intro image there is one by default generated from a ...
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How to edit/add/remove field of default login, registration, profile etc... forms

Hi I am new in Joomla and i am trying to change the way my default forms look. For example, in the login form i would like to replace the default username field with an e-mail field, or in the user ...
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How can I have a dynamic $default_view?

Something along the lines of: JLoader::Register('MyComHelperConfig', JPATH_COMPONENT_ADMINISTRATOR . '/helpers/config.php'); class MyComController extends JControllerLegacy { protected $...
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Change home menu title after login

Before login, my default menu title displayed with "Feature". I want to change it to Dashboard after login.
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How can I hide the "popular topics" in Protostar template?

How can I hide the "popular topics", "recent articles" and "user access login" in default Protostar template? I need to edit the related index.php file of the template?
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1 answer

Home page layout is used for content instead of the default layout

I am setting up a new site with Joomla 3.6 (with Gantry 5 and Hydrogen template). There are two template styles, one is default and the other is assigned only to the home page menu item (it has a ...
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Joomla layout difference edit.php and default.php

I had already created some custom components in the past and how it is, at the beginning you cannot understand all things in detail. But with continuing always new question arise. Could someone ...
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Default menu item for articles

How do I assign a default menu for all articles ? For example, I could create a hidden menu (like "Single Article" but actually not for any single article) and use its Itemid at the end of each ...
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5 votes
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Default module layout not honoured in the admin (when adding a module)

I have noticed that with Joomla 3, any module that has more than one layout (in the tmpl folder), and in the .xml has a default layout chosen example: <field name="layout" type="modulelayout" ...
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