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The core Joomla! Search component.

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Show images in Joomla 3.10 search results (com_search)

I want to show the intro image of articles in Joomla 3.10 search results (com_search). In previous Joomla 3 versions, I know that you could do this: Create template override: /templa tes/...
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1 answer

URL's in search results page are wrong and not the URL of the article assigned menu item

I have Joomla 3.9.21 which has SEF URL's enabled. All works perfectly, except for the search results page. For example, this is the SEO link to an article (which is assigned a menu option whose root ...
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0 answers

How to avoid downcasing of search words?

Relevance of case information differs from language to language. In English, it might be low, but consider cases like "who" vs "WHO" and "us" vs "US". In German,...
5 votes
1 answer

How to adjust search keyword sanitization settings as language override?

I am working on some custom search plugins and I have a 2-part question regarding the file administrator/components/com_search/helpers/search.php. I want to adjust the sanitization settings without ...
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1 answer

How to include images in Joomla's search results?

I'm trying to display images in search results for the default search of Joomla. I messed with some code from the web and I managed to display images with the following: in template/html/com_search/...
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2 answers

How change default search setting from "all words" to "any words"?

By default, in the Search module of Joomla, "all words" is selected by default. I want "any words" to be selected by default. Does anyone know where I have to make the changes in files and the ...
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1 answer

Including Results from API Call in Joomla! Search Results

My organization uses Joomla! for its customer facing site. There is a database that I only have REST API access to. I'm trying to ping that API to include results from it alongside the normal Joomla! ...
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1 answer

search component/plugin in joomla

I am new to joomla! and would like to design a custom search plugin to search through my database. I know that when using the default search, the onContentSearch() function is triggered and "search ...
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1 answer

Joomla Search Result Article Text Length: Text is truncated in strange places

I am using the Joomla Search module with a Menu Item pointed to '/search'. When a search is performed, the results list a linked title, a snippet, category and the created date. The snippet is ...
4 votes
1 answer

How to encode search text

I'm having a bit of a situation here, because of encoding. This problem occurs only on internet explorer (yes, that guy ...). I'm using the search component, which works nice by the way, but whenever ...
4 votes
1 answer

How to display author name in joomla search results

I wonder if it is possible to display author name or created_by or created_by_alias in com_search results page. In components/com_search/views/search/tmpl/default_results.php, this obviously wouldn't ...