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3 votes
2 answers

Banner with multiple links

Using the Joomla built-in banner component, is it possible to have more than one link in a banner? I need to add a "disclaimer link" to some of my banners. Say my ad looks like this: I would like ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Select flash in com_banners

I have problem with flash files in com_banners. When I select "image", I can upload flash file but I can't choose flash because it's not on the list. I can put manualy path but it's not good idea for ...
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2 votes
2 answers

Banner module not changing on refresh, only on page change

The banner module I am using for a single category of banners is not changing the display of the banners when the page is refreshed, they only change when the user navigates to a different page. All ...
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1 vote
1 answer

How to balance banner impressions per client considering that clients may have a differing number of ads?

Consider this scenario... Each page on the site displays a single banner advertisement (Joomla native module). The module is configured to be random (one banner at a time). There are 3 clients ...
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1 vote
3 answers

Banner size problem

I have a problem with banners so far and it is making me pull my hair out and I am hoping i will get the solution here. When I put more than 1 banner module on a page (let's say 3 banners), it seems ...
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1 answer

Is there any way to hide banners in article but keep them in category list?

I have a website running under Joomla 3.10.11, which displays various banner modules on all post category pages. The goal is to NOT show any banner when the user enters the article page. Is it ...
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2 answers

How to get banners clients when exists banners with this client?

I need to retrieve the banners_clients data only when exists banners for this client id: Example: banner one - client id 1 banner two - client id 1 banner three - client id 4 client id 1 - name ...
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1 answer

Joomla 3.6.2 -- Modify Registration Page and Plugin User Profile

I wish to modify the Joomla! Registration Page. Specifically: Modify the page title Add a Banner across the top of the page Move captcha to the bottom of "User Profile" above the "register" or "...
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1 answer

How to add extra tabs inside the banner edit view using a plugin?

I have used the joomla docs to make a hello world plugin and then again the joomla docs to load the plugin within the joomla banners component. I cant seem to load the extra tabs inside the banner ...
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Load banner in Joomla article

Is there any plugin that can load banner "id x" from banner component? Or is there any other way, but not with {loadmoduleid x}? Thanks in advance
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