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Joomla 3.9 replace zero dates with null on save/checkin (mysql zero date deprecated)

So zero dates are deprecated in MySQL. J4 has replaced them with nulls.I am trying to update a J3 component to stop J setting zeros in the modified and checked_out_time fields. For modified I am using ...
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1 answer

Checkin When Moving From One Component Edit Screen to Another

We have built a custom Joomla! component that has multiple sections and edit screens. In many cases, our component pages are related to each other and it makes sense for users to move from one to ...
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1 vote
0 answers

Joomla Checking out items does not work correctly

I would like to check out items, that are edited by user XYZ. Well, it works so far: If somebody opens an item, the default-view shows the "lock" icon. But: If I click the link to the checked out ...
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How can I grant a non-Super User group permission to force check-in of articles?

I've created a custom user group for some Joomla 3.x websites which allow certain users particular administrative privileges, but only to the functionality they require (I trust my users', but I ...
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