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Joomla ignores css changes after URL rewrite was activated

I recently installed Joomla 4.1 on my server and since I activated URL rewriting, my changes in some CSS files of the Cassiopeia Template are ignored. I tried deactivating the URL Rewrite, but it does ...
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Joomla 4: Problem with the contact form, the text sent is missing

I'm creating a contact form with Privacy Check box (Joomla 4, template Cassiopeia). I have done all the steps as in joomla 3.x (custom fields) and everything works. But... When the e-mail arrives, all ...
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Is there a way to use an SVG image in Cassiopeia

I'm using Cassiopeia and Joomla 4. I've adapted it very slightly to get to what I need but I really want to use a much smaller image size by using an SVG. Is there any way to do this? Previously you ...
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